How a Few Hotel Sales Pros Book 16X Times More Revenue vs. Their Competitors.

Hotel sales professionals who produce in the top 20% of our industry, book 16X times more sales revenue vs. their competitors and co-workers. Research from both the Brian Tracy and Zig Ziglar organizations reminds us that this means 16X times the bookings, contracts, meetings, tours, weddings and net profit vs. the competition.

coverfinalA few years ago, I co-authored a book with Stephen Covey titled Speaking of Success. We each identified the most effective tactics, strategies and best practices of today’s most remarkable salespeople. My research focused almost exclusively on owners, General Managers and sale professionals, in the travel industry.

I discovered that today’s most successful entrepreneurs, General Managers and salespeople don’t do a large number of things very well. Instead, they consistently execute a small number of best practices extremely well. Chief among those is creating a personal, written sales plan.

Please note, this is not the same big sales plan written by your company or department. This is a singular plan, written exclusively for you – by you. This plan should be short,plan8 concise and contain individual sales goals that are higher and more challenging than those assigned by your department or company. Sales and business expert Zig Ziegler referred to these as ‘individual stretch goals’.

Writing a personal sales plan for 2017 can be very profitable. For example, The Harvard Business School Press reports on a study of two large groups of individuals. Group 1 was made up of those with a written plan plus goals. Group 2 was those without goals or a written plan.

goal-arrowThose individuals with a written plan containing specific sales goals, achieved 30% more vs those who had no written plan.

Psychology Today, reports that our brains have an internal guidance system designed for reaching goals. They go on to state that writing down your goals, sharing them with your boss and co-workers, plus providing updates about your progress, will dramatically boost your total success.

Zig Ziegler frequently cited a famous study conducted by Yale University. Yalezig-ziglar-success-quotes interviewed all the graduates from their Business School after graduation. 13% of the class had adopted the best practice of establishing a plan with written goals. The remaining 84% of the class had no written goals.

Ten years later the entire group of graduates were interviewed again. The 13% who had set written goals were making twice as much money as the 84% of the class that had no written goals.
cover-plan-2017-jpgCreating your own sales plan is easy. I have published an easy, yet powerful step-by-step guide to get you started. It’s written for travel professionals by travel professionals.

My publisher has allowed me to set aside a limited number of free copies. You can download your copy now.

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Increase RevPAR and Net-Profits in 23 Days

There is a new sales coaching service that allows hoteliers to both  increase RevPAR and net profits in as little as 23 days. It’s called Operation JumpStart and it is still remarkably affordable.

It is intense, yet extremely effective in generating new and repeat sales at higher net-profits. In fact, you should expect to see an  increase in RevPAR, sales, and net profits within three weeks.

Operation JumpStart is delivered in three phases.

Phase One

Your property(s) will first receive a comprehensive rate and positioning analysis. We begin with your own res system and expand to cover all 3rd party systems that sell your hotel.  Specifically, we focus how your rates lineup vs. the competition and local forecasted demand.

We also appraise how your property is presented to the public and travel professionals alike. For example, does the descriptive or marketing copy make people want to book? Do your photos and videos trigger new demand? We also review how you are positioned in each of the major GDS systems. In short, does your hotel(s) stand out, or just blend in?

We’ll ensure all your room rates and packages are positioned to generate the demand and bookings you require. Most importantly, we will ensure you’re not involved in any unnecessary discounting.

Why? 70% of all U.S. lodging discounts are offered without the guest requesting one.

Mystery Shopping – Us + Them

We first mystery shop your front desk team, sales employees, and catering staff. When concluded, your ownership/senior management will receive a set of assessments on each employee. In addition, you will have access to a private website containing the full audio recordings of each of your employees.

During Phase II, each team member will receive one-on-one coaching designed to improve their individual performance in selling your hotel and servicing your guests.

Mystery Shop Your Competitors On-site

We visit five of your competitors to conduct live, on property mystery shopping. Your senior management will receive a detailed scorecard reporting on the condition of the property and performance of their employees.

We’ll also audit their rates and positioning within the major 3rd party systems, GDSs and Trip Advisor. You will receive a report on your competitors’ social media presence to include their web, landing pages and blogs. We also appraise their individual advertising on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Pinterest, Instagram, and YouTube.

Next, we mystery shop these same competitors via phone, email and the web. This will allow you to hear first-hand how your competitors are selling against you. More importantly, you’ll know exactly how deep they are willing to discount. At this time, you can pinpoint their weakness and vulnerabilities which will allow you to attract their clients.

At the conclusion of Phase I, ownership/management will receive a comprehensive briefing on your current rate structure, online presence and 3rd part positioning. During our briefing, we will also offer a series of observations, changes, and improvements.

For a far more thorough explanation of what takes place during Phase I, please click here to see our video overview.


Phase Two – On Property

Your dedicated coach, with 20+ years’ experience in frontline hotel sales, marketing and social media will arrive at your property(s).  Depending on the size of your property and the number of employees, this visit will take place between 4 to 7 days.

Your coach will provide hands-on training in direct sales, marketing, and negotiating techniques. This service is always tailored to the property’s manpower resources.

Your coach will accompany both sales and/or management employee on outside sales calls for the purpose of “Curbstone Coaching.” Even if they rarely go out on sales calls.  This allows us to immediately evaluate and strengthen their existing sales delivery. We are far more focused on building their skills, tactics, and confidence vs. simply critiquing.

This is accomplished by making in-person sales calls on both existing clients and prospects alike. We will teach your team how to pinpoint sales prospects who have the highest potential to become guests.

Your coach will teach your employees how to identify and professionally romance away your local competitors’ clients.

Your coach works directly with your property’s management and sales employees to develop a practical, sustainable direct sales plan going forward. Whether the property has a six-person sales department or a GM who only makes sales calls on the way to the bank … our techniques will significantly improve your current sales effort.

For a thorough explanation of what takes place during Phase I, please click here to see our video overview.

Phase III -The Plan

During Phase III, you will receive a written “Immediate Sales Action Plan.” It will be realistic, easy to follow, and an affordable plan. It will detail- step by step, week by week, and month by month what your employees must do to book more revenue.  This plan will contain a series of goals, action steps, and sales objectives. Each goal and objective will be assigned a completion date while designating the employee or department responsible for delivery.

Over the next 90 days we will deliver five online coaching/review sessions to accomplish the following:

  • Review the progress to date on the Immediate Sales Action Plan.
  • Provide immediate, targeted sales coaching to ensure progress continues.
  • Make on-the-spot enhancements, corrections or changes to the property’s plan to ensure maximum ROI.

           Operation JumpStart is surprisingly affordable.

For more detailed information on Operation JumpStart please click here to open a video briefing.


Write Email That Generate Bookings


In 2016 email is the most affordable and popular marketing tool used by hotels and resorts to drive sales and increase RevPAR.  The good news is email is still free.

The bad news is that our prospects and clients stopped reading emails years ago. Today, you’re lucky if they skim your email. In fact, most likely they will delete it within 2.7 seconds.

Why? Your average prospect and client is conservatively receiving between 80 and 120 emails each day. According to the Radicati Group, the number of emails sent and received per day now totals over 205 billion. This figure is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 3%, reaching over 246 billion by the end of 2019. In short, It’s damn crowded in your client’s inbox.too much email

According to MailChimp only 2.26% of the emails sent by travel professionals are being opened, read and acted upon.
Writing an effective marketing email that generates bookings is simple. Yet, more than 96.8% of your competitors have no idea how to write a successful sales/marketing email. With just a few simple adjustments, hoteliers can watch their email success rate increase by 11X. 

Now the really good news!  Just click here for an excerpt from my new book entitled, How to Write Emails That Generate Sales. This is the same book I provide during my sales training seminars and workshops. It clearly spells out the simple steps necessary to create free emails that generate bookings and boost RevPAR.

Is Your Restaurant & Function Space Generating More Sales This Year?

RESTAURANT Marketing (3)

Is Your Restaurant and Function space Generating Far More Revenue This Year?

If not …you will want to continue reading! 

In 2016, the National Restaurant Association has forecasted that Americans will open up their wallets and spend a staggering $1.9 billion on food and beverage.

Are you getting your share of the increased local revenue being spent?

By testing a few easy social media sales tactics, you can generate a significant increase in your net profit from food and beverage.


There are many hotels with less than 200 rooms that generate twice the net profit from F and B vs. much bigger and famous local hotels. LinkedIn is one social media tool used by the majority of 2016’s most successful hotels to promote their restaurant and function space.

Let me be clear- you do not have to be a LinkedIn expert to use their prospecting services increase_salesimmediately. Better yet -it is free! I have provided you access to a series of short video tutorials on how hotel owners, managers and DOS’s can start using LinkedIn today. You will be amazed at how fast you can pinpoint qualified prospects; specifically, individuals within your community or traveling to your location.These short videos will show you how to outsmart the local competition, but never out-spend them.

Click here to get access to these special step-by-step LinkedIn tutorials.

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2017’s Most Effective Sales Tactic for Hotels and Resorts!

The one proven sales tactic that delivers increased RevPAR and net profits in 23 days or less is to mystery shop your sales team and/or front desk. During the last 10 years, research has documented that mystery shopping plus individual coaching rapidly generates increased sales and higher net profits.

During the last decade, I have hired multiple mystery shopping providers for seven national hotel brands plus three aggressive start-ups. Each time the results phoneshophave been the same. Sales and net profits went up while discounting went down.

In fact, I am such a believer, that two years ago I launched a new, specialized mystery shopping service that focuses on the lodging and resort industries. Our first goal was simple; generate double the closing rate of our clients’ front line employees, in one-half the time and at one-half the price of our competitors.Coaching.graphic

During the summer of 2016, my sales coaching team completely “re-engineered” our mystery shopping system. To date, the results have been nothing short of remarkable.

I have created a short report that will show you the results and teach you, step-by-step, how to shop your own front line employees. To get your free copy, click just here.



Selling Travel Like a Lumberjack

Selling Travel like a lumberjack

What a Lumberjack Can Teach you About Selling Travel. 

Lumberjacks have their version of the Super Bowl. For the last six years, one amazing lumberjack has gone undefeated. To win you have to be the single lumberjack that cuts the most 2-foot logs in a 20 minute period of time. All the contestants are issued the same type of ax and the same amount of wood.

This champion has a distinct secret for his success. The moment the contest begins, he drops to one knee and sharpens his ax.  Because he takes the time to repeatedly sharpen his ax, he always produces more than his competitors.

Travel professionals sharpen their ax by making time to read business books, blogs, and the top travel trades. They also listen to audio books, recorded seminars and podcasts on selling, social media, marketing and management.

buffetFinding the time to sharpen your ax can be challenging for travel professionals. Research tells us  you always have to make time in advance. Warren Buffett begins his day by reading the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times, the New York Times, USA Today, and The Omaha World-Herald. Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s self-challenge for 2015 is to read a new book every other week.

The best time to sharpen your ax is while you drive.  You are totally free to listen to business audiobooks, podcasts and training seminars. You’ll find an enormous selection of free business podcasts on iTunes. This documented best practice is referred to as attending “Windshield University”.audio learning

A study by the University of Southern California revealed that if you live in a metropolitan area and drive 12,000 miles a year you can acquire the equivalent of two years of college education in three years’ time by listening to business/educational programs while in your car.  

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Mac or PC you can download the Kindle Reader for free. Most business authors will allow you to download and read a free chapter of their book. will frequently allow you to download a free audio book as a special promotion to motivate you to join. Most of their authors will also allow you to listen to long excerpts of their book before you buy.

sales webinarI  recommend that you make a lunch date with yourself once a week. Eat at your desk while you read or listen to cutting-edge information that will help you sell, promote, market and manage your business.

To get you started, just send me an email at and I’ll send you a free copy of my new e-book entitled, Increase Sales Now! 













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Pinterest, cutting-edge marketing tool or colossal waste of time?

A few years ago this may have been a valid question, but not today. If you sell travel and are not using Pinterest… you’re crazy!

Why? According to AdAge, last year Pinterest recorded the biggest increase of active users among all major social
networks. While Twitter added just 7% and Facebook fell by 9%, Pinterest grew by 111%. In fact, Pinterest generated more referral traffic to businesses than Google+, YouTube, and LinkedIn combined.Pinterest_Logo_Png_03

According to the 3M Corporation, 91% of information transmitted to the brain is visual, and visuals are processed 60,000X faster than text. Maybe that’s why the average visitor to a website spends 15 seconds or less. The average visitor to Pinterest will stay on for 14 minutes per visit.

By the end of this year Pinterest is projected to have 47.1 million members. 85% of their members are women. In fact, 42% of all woman online today use Pinterest.
That is a very important statistic to anyone in the travel industry.

Why? This year, it’s estimated that 82% of all travel decisions will be made by women. In fact, women represent the fastest growing segment in both leisure and business travel.  It’s just not moms booking all that travel!  According to the U.S. Travel Industry Association, an estimated 32 million American women traveled alone, at least once in the past year.

At its core, Pinterest is visually appealing and almost addictive bookmarking site. Twitter and Facebook connect their members based on who they know. Pinterest connects people based on their interests, hobbies and passions.

Pinterest allows you to market travel by leveraging the beautiful pictures you upload yourself, “pined” from other members’ boards or found on the web.

To be successful, the only thing you have to invest is time. Your photos appear on Pinterest “boards”. In short, the 21st century’s electronic version of an old-fashioned cork bulletin board.

pintrestLet’s say you have five key destinations that generate a lot of bookings.
Tomorrow you can easily create an individual Pinterest board for all five destinations. Each board would display stunning, fun photographs of the specific destination.  Better yet, you can also create a board of your favorite local activities, tours, restaurants or cocktails per destination. Each with a link back to your website!

Pictures have the ability to transform a prospect’s notion into a commissionable booking. Pinterest is a social media tool that is on the cutting edge of travel marketing. You have the opportunity to get out in front of your competitors and start  winning more market-share.
Take my advice, set aside 30 minutes this week to go online and learn as much as you can about Pinterest.

The Travel Industry’s Best-Kept Marketing Secret is…

The Travel Industry’s Best-Kept Marketing Secret Maybe Sitting on Your Desk

imprint adv

Most of us in the travel industry have one thing in common: we receive an unrelenting number of offers that entice us to spend our limited marketing dollars. Whether it is email, print advertising, coupons, social media or direct mail, we are never at a loss for requests to spend. Amazingly, one of the most effective tools at our disposal has been sitting right in front of us; I am referring to the numerous imprinted coffee mugs, hats, pens, USB flash drives, sticky pads and assorted ”tchotchkes” that are on your desk, in your office or scattered throughout your home.Promotional-Gift-Cards

The official name for these items is “promotional advertising products.” These fun, creative items perpetually remind us of the name, phone and web address of our favorite suppliers, sometimes for over decades. Unlike social media, direct mail or traditional print advertising, these strategic investments have quietly delivered an astonishingly high ROI for the travel industry.

For example, a recent survey of business travelers, conducted by L.J. Market Research, found that nearly 80% of the travelers surveyed recalled receiving a promotional product in the last 12 months. What surprised the researchers was that 76.1% of these travelers could recall the name of the company who provided the product. In comparison, only 53.5% of these frequent travelers could recall any specific advertisement from a magazine or newspaper in just the past seven days. In addition, 33.7% of these same travelers actually had the promotional imprinted item on their person at the time of the survey.

Georgia Southern University conducted a survey of consumers to determine the ROI of promotional imprinted advertising. Their findings revealed that:

  • 74% had a promotional product in their office
  •  91% of respondents reported having at least one promotional product in their kitchen
  •  55% had a promotional product in their bedroom or closet

In 2015, promotional advertising products may just represent the highest ROI for  the limited marketing dollars we have to invest.

How to outsmart the competition and increase market-share.


How to outsmart the competition and increase market-share.

A mother goes online to plan her family’s spring vacation. She looks at your website, plus the site of your top three competitors. After 20 minutes, she closes her computer and doesn’t think about the family’s vacation for another two weeks.

Traditionally, both you and your competitors would have no idea that she visited your sites. That is until today.   Leveraging a remarkable free tool from Facebook called a “remarketing pixel” you can track most prospects and customers who visit your website. In short, you’ll have access to marketing intelligence that willmom on line give you an immediate competitive advantage.

A remarketing pixel, is just a small piece of code that Facebook provides you at no cost. You copy and paste it on any one or all of your website pages. From that point on, Facebook will track any member who visits your website.   A remarketing pixel only tracks Facebook users who visit your website. The good news is that 71% of all Americans have a Facebook account. The average member has Facebook open for 40 minutes a day. According to Constant Contact, 81% of smartphone users log on within 15 minutes of waking up. Better yet, they will actually check Facebook up to 14 times a day.

In short, a Facebook remarketing pixel has the potential to track the vast majority of visitors to your website.   A remarketing pixel actually tracks the unique ID number assigned to your website’s visitors by Facebook. Every member of Facebook was assigned one on the day they signed up. Facebook will keep track of your website’s visitors in a special list they call a “Custom Audience.”   Going forward you can create very affordable ads or “Boosted Posts” that target only your Custom Audience members.

Your business must have a Facebook Page before you can get started.   If a co-worker manages your website, ask them if you’re currently using this powerful Facebook tool to attract new customers. If you manage your company’s website, just click below to open up a series of articles, tutorials and videos that will help you create a free Facebook remarketing pixel


Sales Planning for 2016

The PlanSales professionals, unlike traditional employees, have a great deal of freedom to decide what to do each and every day.  They rely on experience, insight, and creativity when deciding where to go, who to call or visit and when to follow-up. Travel professionals who consistently outperform their co-workers and competitors all share one common, best practice; they create a written annual sales plan and refer back to weekly. The sales plan is essentially a strategic roadmap to success. It is an invaluable tool that, if created and utilized properly, assists in increasing sales, driving higher net profits.

Creating and continually readjusting a well thought-out personal plan, dramatically increases your odds of exceedingPlanChalkBoard your 2015 revenue goals. Without a plan, your results fall flat and you end up reacting to market changes and second guessing the competition.  The bottom-line is that without a well thought out sales plan, you’re always a step behind those who are already prepared.

The creation of a sales plan is not a menial administrative requirement, but a powerful tactic that enables a sales person to consistently make good decisions about the most important question he/she faces: How can I generate the highest ROI possible utilizing the limited amount of time that I am able to invest? In summary, if you take the time to carefully craft your own personal sales plan you will be well prepared for 2015 and beyond.

To download a free copy of my step by step guide to writing your own 2016 individual sales plan just click on the button below.